Time to Upgrade the TV?  Make in an amazing Father's Day Gift

(NC) If you really want to blow dad's mind this year, give him the gift of an awesome gaming, movie or sports experience. After all, fathers need downtime too and it's a good time to upgrade your overall home entertainment experience.

Adding a new TV to the man-cave is a gift he won't soon forget. But it can be easy to get confused by all the options and latest tech specs. The top things to look for are picture quality, sound quality, smart features and sleek design. Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect one:

1. Top-of-the-line picture quality. Look for a model that makes even the darkest scenes crisp, clear and viewable, perfect for watching a high-energy hockey game or a movie. One of the best options on the market is the new LG Super UHD TV with advanced Nano CellTM technology in 4K — it produces amazing colours and deep blacks and comes with Dolby Vision technology.

2. Choose a Smart TV. This feature lets dad access all his favourite web content on the TV screen, including video and music streaming. He can view his favourite websites and even get a mobile connection that will allow him to enjoy his smartphone content on the big screen.

3. Sharp sound is essential. You're not getting the most out of your movies or TV shows unless you've got bold, rich sound. Despite its sleek silhouette, the LG Super UHD TV takes sound seriously with a premium speaker system that provides an immersive listening experience.