August 2017

Selling your home or renting out an income suite? Get top dollar with these tips

Posted on Aug 22, 2017

(NC) I've sold and rented more than my fair share of real estate over my career. To get the most from my investments, I've come to know what works and what doesn't. While a lot of variables can influence a property's potential, one of the biggest is wow factor. How your home or rental suite shows to perspective buyers or renters is hugely important...

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5 Relationships That Help Organize Your Life

Posted on Aug 09, 2017

(NC) Through the touch of a button and the click of a mouse, we can now make countless decisions and transactions in the privacy of our own homes without speaking to anyone. However, nothing quite replaces a relationship with a professional who knows more about a product or service than you do. In a recent survey, over half of Canadians indicated t...

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