February 2017

Successful Home Purchases & Renovations Start with a Budget

Posted on Feb 27, 2017

(NC) Spring is the time for house sales and renovation projects. Besides deciding what neighbourhood is best for your family or what tile pattern matches the kitchen, there are lots of costs to consider and often many unexpected expenses.

Creating and sticking to a budget is key to keeping your finances on the right track. A budget will show you whe...

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5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas You Will Love

Posted on Feb 23, 2017

(NC) Kitchens are high-traffic rooms that need exceptional flooring. Besides having to look good, successful kitchen floors need to withstand spills, food, sliding chairs, dropped dishes and the occasional mopping. Here are the pros and cons of the five top flooring choices for this important room.

Ceramics, porcelain and stone tiles: Ceramics are a...

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Spring Into Action

Posted on Feb 20, 2017

(NC) Soon, the flowers will be blooming, the birds are singing and our homes have a bad case of the winter blues. “Spring cleaning” is a tradition that serves a very useful purpose - it rids your home and exterior property of build-up left from the winter months.

“The winter season brings a lot more headaches than just bitter cold weather and snow...

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BC Home Partnership Program

Posted on Feb 16, 2017

The BC Home Partnership Program for first time home buyers is in effect until March 31, 2020. Further details on this program have been released and are as follows.

To qualify for BC Home Partnership Program, anyone who appears on the title of the home must meet the following criteria:
1. Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the last five...

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Food banks receive $32,500 from Fraser Valley REALTORS®

Posted on Feb 15, 2017

SURREY, BC – On behalf of Fraser Valley’s 3,200-plus REALTORS®, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB) has donated $32,500 to six food banks across its regional area.

“Fraser Valley Realtors are honoured to once again support local food banks and the incredible work they do for our communities,” said Charles Wiebe, President of the FVREB.“Every...

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Beat the Winter Blues

Posted on Feb 14, 2017

(NC) Many of us crave the fresh sights and scents of the warm weather in the depths of winter. And even though it's not spring yet, you can beat the winter blues by transforming your home into a fragrant, garden-scented oasis.  Fragrances from common

backyard plants can enhance our mood and lift our winter-weary sprits.

“Plants have scent characterist...

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