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The market value of your home is determined in several ways.  The true market value of your home is what the buyer is willing to pay for the property - in today's market!

The key ways your home is valued in today's market:
  • Economic conditions
  • Location
  • Today's competition
  • Today's financing conditions
  • Buyer's perception of the property condition
  • Market conditions
As the Seller you are able to control your sale by the price you ask, the condition of the property and providing Buyer's access to the property.  You cannot control the market conditions, or what your competitions motivation to sell is and neither can we.

The Market Value of your home is not determined by any of the following:
  • What your neighbour's house sold for
  • What it is appraised for
  • What the Tax Department says it's worth
  • What it is insured for
  • What you need out of it
  • What you have invested in it
  • What the cost of the homes are in the area you are moving to
  • Sentimental value or memories
Indications your home is not priced to sell:

If Agents are previewing the property but do not show it to their Buyer's - they are eliminating your property
If Agents are NOT previewing your property
If Buyer's are viewing your home with no results (2nd showings, offers), they are finding better homes in that price range and purchasing them.

Recipe for a Successful Sale:

Market - Factors such as interest rates, competition and the economy all create and influence the conditons of the real estate market.  The price you list your home for a sale, must reflect the current conditons of the market.

Price - This is the #1 factor in the sale of your property.  A property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for other words, what the market will bear.

Location - As the saying goes...Location, Location, Location.  The pricing of the property needs to reflect the location.

Condition - Presentation of your property is imperative to acheive the highest value for your home in every market at any given time.  

Mix these togther and we have a successful sale!

Ask us for a copy of our Seller's Guide and we will email to you.  It's filled with the straight goods on what will make or break your sale, tips and strategies to prepare your home for selling.

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